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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Membership Guide
Rules & Regulations

Country Club at ChampionsGate
House & Ground Rules

The following rules and regulations have been adopted and will be administered by the Country Club at ChampionsGate Board of Directors. It is the intent of the officers and directors to limit those rules and regulations so that everyone will obtain maximum use and enjoyment of the facilities. Enforcement of these rules and regulations will be primarily placed in the hands of carefully selected staff, whose principal responsibility is to assure you of all the courtesies, comforts and services to which you are entitled. It is the responsibility of those using facilities to know their rules and regulations and to cooperate with the officers, directors and staff in the enforcement of the rules. Please notify the participants in your group of these policies.

ChampionsGate Country Club Dress Code Policy

In staying with the true spirit of the game, proper attire is required including collared shirts and NO denim. The Country Club at ChampionsGate (thereafter called the Club) strictly enforces these policies. Any participant that does not comply with the dress code policy will need to change into the proper attire or will not be able to participate in the day’s play. The Club has a variety of slacks, shorts, and outerwear for sale in our golf shop should participants need to purchase proper attire on the day of play.

Non Metal Spike Policy

The Club is also a non-metal spike facility. Any participant that has not converted their shoes to some form of non-metal footwear will have the following options: purchasing new shoes from the Club’s Golf Shop, or wearing tennis shoes as an alternative.

Pace of Play

The Club’s goal is to have 18-hole rounds completed in four hours and twenty minutes or less. At times, golf outings tend to spend a little more time on the golf course, regardless of size, or golf experiences. In order to create an enjoyable experience for everyone on the golf course, we ask each group to keep pace with the with the group in front of you. The Club schedules daily course hosts to assist players in keeping pace to assure every player experiences an enjoyable round.

The Club is very knowledgeable in the organization of golf outings. We look forward to discussing the proper start times and formats to assure your group has an enjoyable experience during their special day.

House Rules

It is our mission to provide members and their guest an exceptional experience.

General Information
The house rules of The Club are designed to protect the rights and privileges of members of the Club, their families and guests and to protect club property. The rules have been formulated to acquaint the members of the Club with the services available to them and the proper utilization of the facilities.

Member Privileges

  • Member of the Association — Every owner of a lot, unit or parcel shall be a member of the Association and be entitled to the enjoyment of the Common Area.
  • Members of the Golf Course — One individual for each lot or unit shall be considered the member of the Golf Club.
  • A spouse and children under 21 years of age who reside in the unit shall be entitled to the use of the Golf Course.

Delegation of Privileges

  1. Any owner may delegate their right of enjoyment to the Common Area and facilities to his/her tenants provided a completed delegation form signed by the owner is submitted to the office, a processing fee is paid and the transfer is in accordance with the policies set by the Board of Directors.
  2. During the period specified on the delegation form, minimum of one month, the owner’s privileges are rescinded.
  3. The transferee must be renting and residing in the unit for which the privileges are delegated.
  4. Privileges for the use of the Golf Course are delegated to one individual. That individual, his (or her) spouse and children under 21 are entitled to the use of the Golf Course.
  5. Any delegation proceeded by The Country Club at ChampionsGate which is not in accordance with the policies outlined above will be rescinded immediately. In addition, a fee equal to the current guest fee will be charged to the owner of the unit involved for each round of golf played under the illegal delegation.


  • Slow, unsatisfactory or improper service or any inattention to duty should be reported immediately to the manager on duty. Complaints of all deficiencies in service will receive the immediate attention of the manager.
  • We welcome all comments. Suggestions or concerns relating to the Club facilities or services should be brought to the attention of the Club Manager.

Employees of the Club

  • Members, transferees and guests are to be respectful of Club employees and are not permitted to reprimand Club employees or in any way interfere with the management of the Club.
  • Serious complaints regarding specific employees should be made in writing addressed to the Club Manager who will notify the Board of Directors and the complaining member of the corrective action, if any was taken.

Use of the Club

  1. Members, transferees and guests shall at all times conduct themselves in an orderly fashion as ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Proper attire is to be worn at all times in accordance with acceptable practice for the particular area of the Club.
  3. Subscriptions, petitions, or notices not concerning Club affairs shall not be distributed or posted on any Club property without approval of the Head Golf Professional.
  4. Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times.
  5. The cost of replacing any property of the Club, broken, damaged or removed by a member, transferee, guest or any member of their families shall be charged to the member or transferee concerned.
  6. No food or beverage shall be brought into the Clubhouse or consumed on Club premises unless purchased from the Club.
  7. All decorations for private parties, other than table centerpieces, must have the approval of the Club Manager.
  8. Animals are not permitted in the Clubhouse or golf course.
  9. The parking areas are marked in a manner which permits maximum use with a minimum of inconvenience. Anyone found parking improperly will be warned, but repeated infractions will result of the removal of the offending vehicle at the owner’s expense.

Aqua Range
The practice facility at CGCC is a water based facility with floater balls. Practice balls are available for use with a tee time only.

Golf Course Rules
In setting these rules for the use of the Golf Course, the management is in no way attempting to restrict the enjoyment obtained from playing our course. It is; however, necessary to follow certain procedures to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety to all golfers. It is hoped that pride in our Club, together with the thoughtfulness and consideration we afford our fellow golfers, will make enforcement of any rules unnecessary.

  1. The rules of golf from the United States Golf Association (USGA) govern play.
  2. The use of the Golf Course is supervised by the Head Golf Professional.
  3. Without exception, all players must register at the golf shop before playing the Golf Course.
  4. The Head Golf Professional and Golf Course Superintendent shall determine when the course conditions prohibit play.
  5. All play must start on designated Number 1 tee unless otherwise directed by the golf shop staff.
  6. No more than four players per group are permitted unless authorized by the golf shop staff.
  7. Practice golf activities shall be limited to those areas of the golf course designated for such activities. Practice is prohibited to, or on, regular greens and fairways of the golf course.
  8. The Head Golf Professional, may establish certain days and times during which the course shall be reserved for men’s and women’s golf days and special events.
  9. All paper, bottles, cans and other trash should be placed in a trash receptacle.
  10. Each player must have a set of clubs and a golf bag when playing the course.
  11. No coolers are allowed on the Golf Course unless supplied by the club.
  12. Ball hawking is not permitted at any time.
  13. Damage to any private property, outside the boundaries of the golf course, caused purposely or by accident, shall be the responsibility of the person causing the damage.

Golf Cart Operation

  1. Individuals operating carts must have a valid driver’s license.
  2. Carts restricted to two riders and two bags.
  3. During normal operating conditions, the 90-degree rule is always in effect. Carts are to remain on cart paths until reaching a point adjacent to where the ball lies. At that point, carts may be driven across fairway directly to the ball and should return to the cart path on the same line after the shot has been played.
  4. The Golf Professional and Golf Course Superintendent shall determine when golf cart operation is prohibited or restricted to paths only.
  5. Carts must remain on the cart path on par 3s at all times.
  6. The driver of the cart always assumes responsibility for returning the cart in the same condition.
  7. Driver is also responsible for any damage that occurs through operation of the vehicle.
  8. Carts are never permitted on the shoulder or surface of any tee, green or bunker. The roped areas indicate the superintendent restricted areas for cart traffic. Exception: When handicap flag policy is in effect.**

The Club offers the use of Handicap Flags for golf carts for those individuals who, for medical reason, will benefit from their use. A golfer who submits a valid handicap parking permit from any government agency may be extended this privilege. Handicap Flag privileges may be suspended or revoked, with or without warning, for abuser of this policy.

Rules of the Flag

  1. The Handicap Golf Cart may be driven up to the green or tee.
  2. AT NO TIME should a Handicap Golf Cart be parked or driven on the green or tee.
  3. NO CARTS are allowed beyond the boundary of the course which is defined by out-of-bounds stakes.
  4. In case of inclement weather or certain golf course conditions, carts may be restricted to the cart paths. NO HANDICAP PRIVILEGE will be extended for that time. If cart path only is limited to select holes, Handicap Privilege will NOT be extended for those holes so designated.
  5. Handicap flag privileges are extended only to the person who has submitted valid documentation and has been approved for its use. This privilege does NOT extend to an additional cart rider or spouse that is not registered within the Handicap Flag Program.
  6. The Ranger/Starter has absolute authority for all traffic control. If a player refuses to abide by the rules of the day (as stated above), his/her Handicap Flag Privileges may be suspended after review by the Golf Professional.

The Club Pro Shop is happy to extend this privilege to those golfers who qualify and will benefit from its use. These rules and regulations are being distributed to clarify any misinterpretation by any golfer.

Tee Time Policies
Members can make tee times 14 days in advance.

Annual Passholders can make tee times 10 days in advance.

Annual Passholders can make tee times beginning at 8:30 am.

Notice of cancellation needs to be made 48 hours in advance to avoid a charge for a full rate green fee.

Players may not reserve more than one individual tee time slot per player name.

Players must be ready to commence play at their reserved starting time or risk losing their privilege to play that day and being subject to charge(s) for full rate green fee(s).  If a player or players are late, the Club will try to accommodate them with a later starting time if such is available on the tee sheet.

Junior Play

  1. Children, 18 through 21 years of age, who reside with their parents are entitled to the same privileges as their parents.
  2. The Head Golf Professional may waive restrictions for juniors provided they are able to assure the Golf Professional that they have adequate knowledge of golf rules and golf etiquette.

Golf Courtesy and Etiquette
Golf is a game where courtesy and etiquette should always be observed. The following policies should be strictly adhered to for the maximum enjoyment of everyone using the golf course.

  1. Please repair ball marks on greens and sand divots in fairways.
  2. Please rake your tracks leaving a sand bunker.
  3. After finishing a hole, place the flag in the hole and leave the green area immediately. Proceed to the next tee, do not remain parked along the side of the green; mark your scores at the next tee.
  4. Please be respectful of private property surrounding the golf course. Under no circumstances shall electric carts be driven on, or any shot played from, other than golf course property.
  5. Slow Play — Players are required to maintain a pace of play that keeps them up with the group in front of them. Rangers and/or Pro Shop Staff consistently monitor the speed of play and are required to enforce the following policy for the pleasure and enjoyment of the entire field:
    • First Offense: The group has fallen behind the group in front of them and has fallen behind the allotted time limit for their position on the course. The ranger will indicate your group is out of position and that you need to catch up to the group in front.
    • Second Offense: The group has not improved their position. The ranger will approach the group and inform them of their second warning and that the next offense will require them to skip an entire hole.
    • Third Offense: The group has been warned properly and has not improved their position. The ranger will escort the group to the next hole.
  6. Inexperienced golfers are asked to refrain from playing during peak times of the day.

Golf Handicaps
A golf handicap service is provided for members and transferees.

  • To establish an accurate and legitimate handicap, players are requested to post scores after each complete round of golf.
  • To be eligible for tournament play, an authorized USGA handicap may be required as deemed necessary by the Head Golf Professional.

Ball Hawking Procedure

  1. First Offense: Request by Club Personnel to discontinue ball hawking.
  2. Second Offense: Form letter from the Head Golf Professional quoting the “Rules and Regulations” booklet and notify a wrongdoer of future action if ball hawking continues.
  3. Third Offense: Suspending of golf privileges for a period of two (2) weeks.
  4. Fourth Offense: Length of suspension for use of all common areas will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Disciplinary Action
Because there are always a few individuals who will not always observe these rules, the following infractions will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors for disciplinary action:

  • Repeated violation of Club rules or knowingly violating a Club rule.
  • Display of temper or other discourteous conduct resulting in damage to club property or physical damage.
  • Disrespect shown to Club employees or fellow members, transferees or guests.
  • Personal use of driving range balls on the Golf Course.
  • Failure to register guests when playing the Golf Course.